SMHS Swimming Team Finishes Strong During Meet


SMHS swimming team

Luigi Santiago, Author

The SMHS swim team competed in their second meet of the season on Saturday, November 24th, scoring second place on the relay race and beating records. 

The team finished strong in the meet, and they were determined to place. The swim team supported one another and put their hearts into every event. 

Junior Emily Mangels felt confident during the meet, and she tried to calm her teammates before their events. Her favorite stroke is freestyle because she liked how it’s fast paced. 

“I did well, but I definitely could have done better,” said Mangles. She is looking forward to beating Jefferson during the next meet, and she also wants to have a better time in her next swim meet. 

Junior Emily Mangels

“The team did pretty well, but their first meet was better,” said senior Kiriah Whitener. Whitener’s goal was to win in one of their relays. They didn’t, but they got second place in relay. Whitener is one of the best swimmers in the team and she is hoping to win all her events next swim meet. 

“You will always find me at a meet next to the pool cheering on my teammates. I’m always the loudest one in the room because I know for me it helps when people cheer me on,” said Whitener. She is ready for the next meet and is excited to see how hard they are going to work. 

Members of the swim team think they have a good chance at winning their next meet. They hope to beat their records, and work hard throughout the season. 

SMHS Swimming team