Student Teacher Joins Cardinal Country

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Student Teacher Joins Cardinal Country

Marissa Robinson, Author

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For the month of October and November, SMHS English teacher Ms. Elizabeth Keiper has had a student teacher, Ms. Stacy Mummert. Mummert is here at SMHS to practice teaching in Ms. Keiper’s classes. Mummert is a student from Shepherd University. 

“I like helping people. I’ve always felt passionate about English. It’s something you can get excited about,” said Mummert. Despite Mummert’s passion for English and teaching, being a teacher wasn’t always what she had in mind for a career. 

“I wanted to be a gymnastics coach. I finally decided during my senior year of high school that I was going to be a teacher,” said Mummert. 

Throughout her schooling career, Mummert has taken inspiration and methods of teaching she liked as a student from her former teachers.  

“If you aspire to be a teacher, watch how other teachers teach. I’ve taken inspiration from how my teachers taught me,” said Mummert. Being a teacher is not as easy as some may think.   

“This major is pretty tough. You have to really care about what you are doing to be a good teacher,” said Mummert. 

Since being a student teacher here at SMHS, Mummert has experienced what it’s like to teach high school students.  

“I love this school and how forward thinking it is,” Ms. Mummert said. Prior to coming to Spring Mills, Mummert had been teaching middle school students.  

“When I first came to Spring Mills, I had to transition. I was surprised by the students and how different it is teaching high school students compared to middle school students,” said Mummert.  

Since getting experience teaching middle schoolers and high schoolers, Mummert wants to be a middle school English teacher.  

“As of now, I’m leaning towards being a middle school teacher. I love being able to bounce ideas off kids, and I feel like middle school students are more dependent on me from a teacher’s perspective,” said Mummert. 

To be an educator, teachers may adapt to each student’s way of learning, which may be challenging.  

“I like being able to think of creative ways to teach. It is a challenging, but it’s fun,” Mummert said. 

Since being here at SMHS, Mummert has gained lots of experience and new teaching ideas from Ms. Keiper that she can use in the future. She hopes to be middle school English once she graduates from Shepherd University.