Team Takedown


Sydney DeVaney, Author

The Spring Mills Wrestling team started the 2018-2019 season on Friday, November 30 at Hedgesville High School as their first tournament. Together, the team won 8 of their 10 matches between the 30th and December 1st 

The Spring Mills team went 8-2 over the weekend, where a huge majority of help was brought by sophomore Michael Dolan who led his team with ten victories. Also, contributing to the team’s success was sophomore Hunter Dodson and senior Nate Stiffler, both going 9-1 on the weekend.  

“It was a really good weekend. I practiced hard and just went out there and did my best” said Dolan, who was undefeated during the tournament.  

For those unfamiliar with wrestling, it works by individuals gaining and losing points based on their moves performed. For example, a takedown results in 2 points, and an escape is 1 point. Each match lasts for 6 minutes if there is no automatic win.  

During a tournament, two schools compete at a time and send someone from each weight class into a match. Once everyone has finished, the winner of the overall match is the school that has the most individual victories. 

It takes a lot of dedication to be a wrestler. Their practices consist of hours of practicing moves and endless running. Each practice also requires a weigh-in, and many of the guys must cut weight to be eligible to remain in their weight class.  

Senior Desmond Tucker went 6-4 at the Hedgesville tournament and spoke on what it’s like to be a wrestler. 

“I love wrestling trips because we do a lot of bonding, but it takes a lot of hard work. The uniforms and headgear are uncomfortable. Saunas help keep our weight down, and it’s actually relaxing compared to the workouts we have to do. It’s important to stay clean too. Shaving is a must for wrestling because to compete we aren’t allowed to have facial hair,” said Tucker.  

The dedication doesn’t stop there. Senior Caleb Tenney (5-5) has been a member of the team for four years, and he even wrestled with his brother Spring Mills Alumini Gregg Tenney. Gregg Tenney and another Spring Mills graduate Fazon Hunter help out at every practice and wrestle against the boys to prepare them.  

“I find it really helpful to have my brother there supporting me and helping me perfect my moves and form. I really enjoy everything about the wrestling season,” said Tenney.