SMHS Celebrates Holiday Traditions from All Around the World

Kamryn Majewski, Author

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Spring Mills High School tries considers everyone’s personal beliefs and does what they can to highlight them throughout the holiday season.  

Students throughout the school celebrate many different holiday traditions.  

“My favorite things about the holidays are waking up on Christmas morning and knowing that there is so much excitement to come. I love Christmas and spending it with my family,” said senior Kaylee Bailey. 

Spring Mills is very diverse and when it comes to holiday traditions, doing Christmas Around the World helps to connect and include kids from all different backgrounds and nationalities. Annually, SMHS students help with a Christmas Around the World Program at Potomack Intermediate.  

During Christmas around the world, SMHS students hold sessions for 4th graders in different classrooms. Each classroom is a different country or tradition. Usually they have different crafts to do, and students can play games, trivia, and many more activities. Playing games with the kids is getting them involved and fulfilling them with knowledge on different celebrations and traditions.  

“During the holidays, my family likes to make duck blood soup. It’s a polish tradition,” said senior Haley Kolos. Holiday traditions can be anything important to a family. From making cookies, to making duck blood soup.  

All different cultures have different traditions, and it is important to honor and respect them. Each tradition is important on its own and is important enough to be celebrated.