High Schoolers Entertain Primary Students with Holiday Music


Dr. Renee Peterson

FLIGHT Show Choir performing their holiday show.

Kendall Snyder, Author

The Spring Mills High School music department has been performing nonstop the past couple of weeks not only in the auditorium for concerts, but also for the children at Spring Mills Primary School. 

On Friday, December 14th during 7th period, roughly 250 children from the primary school sat in the Marc Arvon Auditorium for a special performance by FLIGHT Show Choir and the jazz band. At this event, the groups showcased their set list from the winter concert that was on Thursday, December 6th 

“You could see a few of the kids dancing along to the music,” said senior Brianna Cline, who performed with the show choir. “They weren’t supposed to be, but it was so nice to see how much they were enjoying themselves. It helped me enjoy myself more on stage too.” 

Kendall Snyder
The holiday decorations that the music department has on display includes this “Christmas Bass.”

The band and orchestra concert was on Thursday, December 13th. Tri-M members from this group as well as choir members had another chance to perform holiday music for the young students at the primary school on Friday, December 14th and Monday, December 17th 

The music selections at these events varied, but some of the songs were “Run, Rudolph, Run,” “Rockin’ On Top of The World” from the movie Polar Express, and “Rockin’ Holidays,” which is a medley of various fun holiday songs. 

“My little brothers, who are in kindergarten, enjoyed the performances so much that they won’t stop asking me to play the music that they heard,” said senior Elleanna Stoner. “It’s really heartwarming to see these kids appreciate all of the work that goes into these concerts and enjoy the music that we sing or play for them.” 

“I hope that they come back to see us perform more often, and I hope that this inspires them to grow up to be the high schoolers who perform for the younger students,” continued Stoner.