NAHS Hosts Paint Night: Holiday Themed Fun

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NAHS Hosts Paint Night: Holiday Themed Fun

Marissa Robinson, Author

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On December 17, the National Art Honors Society hosted a paint night fundraiser that took place after school.  

Paint night was opened to the community and was a family event. At the paint night, they had three stations set up. At each station were different designs including marble, snowman, and a design with snowy branches and a cardinal.  

Each ornament cost $5 and the money was collected as part of the fundraiser for NAHS.  

“We are putting the money forward for a trip at the end of the year,” said senior NAHS member Cassandra Bhagroo.   

The fundraiser also shed more importance on art and allowed for the community to get involved and be creative.  

“I don’t get to paint often, so this allowed me to be creative and donate the money towards a good cause,” said senior Kendall Snyder. NAHS is planning to get more involved with the school and wants to do more activities like paint night in the future.  

School art departments are often overlooked and underfunded. The art department is always looking for more members to be a part of NAHS.  

“To get involved with the NAHS, you must first be in an art class. If you are in an art class, then contact Mrs. Sizemore or any NAHS member to get started. If you’re not in an art class, you can still speak to Mrs. Sizemore to see what your options are,” said Bhagroo. 

NAHS is a great club for students who are art lovers and have a passion for creativity.