Spring Mills High School is Wolfrey Country

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Spring Mills High School is Wolfrey Country

Vijay Singer, Author

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Ms. Rose Wolfrey has taught in Berkeley County for 18 years, six of which have been spent at Spring Mills High School.  

Before she was a teacher, Wolfrey was very active in her community. She ran for a political office, helped with elementary school math field day, and tutored kids after school who needed math help.  

Eventually, her high school guidance counselor encouraged her to get her degree in education. 

“He promised my mother before she passed away that I would have a college degree before he retired, so when I was 42 years old he told me I had to go to college so that he could keep that promise,” said Wolfrey.

She loves getting to know all of her students personally, and she tells all her classes about growing up in southern West Virginia, with an incredibly big family.  

“I love working with teenagers. I like it when I see them understand math, and when they come back and need help, I can help guide them to the right answer rather than just giving it to them. When I see them smile in the hallway at me, I know I helped them out,” said Wolfrey.  

When all of her students graduate, she hopes that when they leave they will remember her as someone who cared about them and wanted them to succeed at their highest potential.