2019 Thespian Fundraiser: One Word Bracelets for the New Year

2019 Thespian Fundraiser: One Word Bracelets for the New Year

Marissa Robinson, Author

For many, a new year is a chance to get a new and fresh start. Some ring in the new year by choosing a New Year’s resolution. For some people, having a smaller commitment to a new resolution is best.  

For the start of 2019, the Spring Mills High School thespians are selling word bracelets and necklaces. This is a great opportunity to get a positive start into the new year.  

“The money from the fundraiser will be going towards thespian expenses, more specifically the end of the year induction banquet,” said senior thespian Charity Turley. The word bracelets are made by the thespians themselves, which makes this fundraiser different than any other. 

“The bracelets and necklaces are a fun and different idea compared to the other fundraisers we’ve done because they are personalized,” said Turley.  

The fundraiser will continue to go on until the supplies run out. This is a good chance to receive a word bracelet that has meaning for the new year.  

The ‘one word’ idea has been popular for a while and helps give individuals a fresh outlook for the new year ahead.  These bracelets are a trendy way to wear jewelry and have the word displayed in a fashion piece. 

The one-word bracelets are $10 and the necklaces are $15. 

The Spring Mills thespians are taking orders for the word bracelets and necklaces now. Supplies are limited, so make sure to order soon. To order a bracelet, ask a thespian, Dr. Peterson, or go online through any thespian media account. 

This is a great way to have a ‘one word’ reminder for the new year. Don’t miss out on this chance to help the thespians while also getting a cute word bracelet.