Second Semester Senior Scoop


Brittney Gano, Editor

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This January, SMHS seniors attended a senior meeting in preparation for their graduation in May. 

Only five short months remain until the senior class of 2019’s graduation and the end of their high school journey.  

Most students have powered through the first semester of the year, but they still have a long way to go. Senior meetings are periodically held to remind students of important dates and tasks they should still be taking care of before graduation. 

“The meetings help me by giving me important dates to remember and reminding me to keep track of everything I need to graduate,” said senior Christian Chase. 

As the twelfth graders finish their last semester, they still have some of their most important tasks to take care of. One being the SAT/ACT for those who are college bound and have yet to take it. Both tests have three remaining test dates available to register for before the 2019 fall semester. 

Alongside test registrations, seniors are also applying to colleges. All students interested in secondary education options have a limited time to select their colleges and find their admissions requirements.   

Students continuing their education should work on FAFSA as soon as possible and apply for the Promise Scholarship, regardless of parental income. More scholarships and information can be found in the guidance office. 

Both guidance and teachers are trying to support seniors throughout the year, and students can find help almost anywhere in the school. 

“My teacher is always keeping me on track and allowing students to go to the office or guidance when we need to,” said Chase. 

Seniors are working hard to prepare for graduation, but they are also looking forward to the future. 

“I am kind of nervous to graduate, but I think it’s quite exciting,” said Chase. 

“You have this routine schedule that’s going to disappear, but a whole window of opportunities outside of high school after graduation,” said senior Pebbles Malloy.