Cards Fly Over New York, NY

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Cards Fly Over New York, NY

Kamryn Majewski, Author

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SMHS juniors and seniors started the prom-prepping early by voting throughout the week for a theme of the prom. This year, the options were Floral Wonderland, Rustic Romance, Once Upon a Time, New York, New York, and Disco.  

New York, NY took the lead and was chosen as the theme for the SMHS 2019 prom.  

The leadership class took matters into their own hands and had 5th period classes vote for the prom theme. It was a tough competition, especially because of all the amazing choices.  

For the Floral Wonderland, students could’ve expected “a sophisticated light color scheme, warm mood lighting, littered with flowers, and plenty of sparkle.”  

For the Rustic Romance, students could’ve expected “a shabby-chic modernized simple and sweet theme with lots of wood and flower accents and candle light.” 

For the Once Upon a Time, students could’ve expected “the ideal fairytale for your storybook romance with lots of blues and light accents, that will make you feel like you’re in an enchanted kingdom.” 

“I voted for Once Upon a Time because I thought it would be a good senior year fairy tale ending. However, I am happy with the result and think it’ll be fun regardless,” said senior Sydney DeVaney. 

For the Disco, students could’ve expected “a mirror ball from the ceiling, platform shoes, and a party like it’s the 1970’s.” 

Because New York, NY won, students can expect “a chance to journey through the Big Apple with all the sparkle and shine and an elegant night under the city light.”  

“I voted for New York, NY because it seems nice. I think there will be a lot of opportunity to really spice up the location of our prom,” said senior Jenna McLeod. 

Every year, Spring Mills picks a new and eventful theme created by the students and staff. It is a collaborative effort and always remains fresh and fun. 

Students can start purchasing tickets during lunch for $35. The prom takes place on April 27th, and the location is yet to be determined.