SMHS Students Thrive at Saturday School

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SMHS Students Thrive at Saturday School

Vijay Singer, author

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On Saturday, January 26th, SMHS held their bi-monthly Saturday school for all students who wished or were assigned to attend. 

Saturday school is not just a place for students who are being punished. It can also have great educational value, too. Students can attend if they feel that they need extra help in a certain subject or if they are just looking for a quiet place to get school work completed. 

To assist students who need help with their school work, three teachers who teach English, Math, and History help to administer Saturday school. They help numerous students who attend and give their assistance to the students who need their help.  

Freshman Calder Funk is one of the students who attends to help tutor others. He enjoys math class and thinks it’s his best subject in school. Outside of school he enjoys spending time playing his guitar and he also plays lacrosse.


“I really enjoy math and understand it very well, so I thought it would be good for me to help other kids understand it better,” said Funk. 

Many of the students who attend feel that they gain something out of attending. Sophomore Lakin Ragei was working on an essay for her English class while she was there. 

“While I’ve been here, I’ve been working on my 1000 word essay that I have due for class on Monday. All of the teachers here and tutors have been extremely helpful to all the students in attendance. If you were to raise your hand for help, they will do a fabulous job trying to assist you with whatever you may need,” said Ragei. 

Saturday School can be a very helpful tool for all students if they go and take advantage of it. The teachers there will be more than happy that students decided to come to work on their grades for class.