Senior Night Swish!


Ivy Perkins and Kayla Washington before the game.

Sydney DeVaney, Author

Seniors Kayla Washington and Ivy Perkins competed in their final home game against the Hedgesville Eagles on February 7th, 2019. The fight was in the Lady Cardinals favor as they came out on top 52-37. 

After four long years of varsity games, tournaments, and memories, Washington and Perkins were the only two seniors honored before the game. Like the other senior nights for sports, the senior players of the team were appreciated for all their hard work and dedication throughout the years. It was a time for them to look back. 

Perkins has been playing basketball for seven years, and Washington has played for ten years. 

“My favorite high school basketball memory is during my freshman season, my teammates put me in a trash can and rolled me into the showers. I couldn’t get out by myself, and they turned on the showers. Of course, I was super mad then, but I think it’s funny looking back on it now,” said Perkins.  

“My favorite memory was when Coach Gosk ripped his pants when we were playing in the state tournament,” said Washington.  

Both girls felt that the love and support they received made their senior night special.  

“Everyone was showing so much love for me and Ivy,” said Washington. 

“It was special being surrounded by the people that love and support me every day, especially through basketball season,” said Perkins. 

Perkins and Washington could not have had such a successful night without their younger teammates. While the season may not be over, they spoke on what they want their younger teammates to take away from playing alongside them. 

“For my younger teammates, my advice would be to never give up on your dreams, always fight for what you believe in, and always follow your passion no matter what anyone else says,” said Perkins.  

“To my younger teammates, I would say don’t let your highs get too high or your lows too low,” said Washington, wishing the Lady Cardinals the best of luck in upcoming years.

Kayla Washington making a free throw.