Fourteen February Date Ideas


Sydney DeVaney, Author

  1. Day Out–Do you not know what to get that special someone or where to take them? The number one suggestion is let them plan everything! Take them where they want to go and eat what they want to eat. If they want to knit sweaters inside all day, guess what you’re doing.  
  2. Ice Skating/ Roller Skating–The most popular skating rink in Martinsburg is Galaxy Skate Land. This recommendation is for fairly new relationships or ones in the ‘talking’ stage. However, if you’re going on a date, don’t go to Galaxy. Turner’s in Hagerstown is more of a ‘teen’ spot.  
  3. Ruby Tuesday–Ruby Tuesday’s has great all American food, and the Garden Bar is it’s signature item. Also… I will be working. 
  4. Berkeley Pottery–Paint together! Choose from over 100 pre-fired ceramic designs and paint with glazes to create a personalized memory of the day.  

  1. Night In–A night in is exactly what a busy body wants for Valentine’s Day. For maximum relaxation make a pillow and blanket bed on the floor and add a heater or fireplace nearby for extra coziness. Grab their favorite take out and snacks. Put their favorite movie or show on Netflix and add music and candle or twinkle lights of some kind to make it more festive.  
  2. Chick-fil-a–Happy Valentine’s Day! Chick-fil-a is serving chicken minis all day on the 14th. Also, all platters come in their signature heart-shaped box, exclusively on Valentine’s Day. 
  3. Dinner and a Movie–Dinner and a movie or dinner in a movie. Some cheap movie and dinner options of high popularity in Martinsburg are Chopsticks and Berkeley Plaza. Want something more? The Alamo in Winchester will give you the FULL dinner and a movie experience. If you’re both not into Valentine’s Day but are doing the ‘couples’ thing put your twist on the movie and seen a horror film (which can still be romantic).  
  4. Weekend Trip–If you have a decent car you’re set. Make a trip to DC or New York. This option is perfect for people who love trips and car rides.  
  5. Tubing/ Skiing–Couples who do activities together stay together. If you both love the slopes, make it a date… or competition. 😉  
  6. Make heart-shaped food–Heart-shape anything. Pizza, cookies, pancakes. If you can eat it, it should be in the shape of a heart.  
  7. Treasure Hunt–Whether it be a small treasure hunt of items in your house, or a grand city-wide treasure hunt to the date destination, putting time and EFFORT into something for someone is ALWAYS the way to go.  
  8. Escape Room/Arcade–If you’re good at working together, try an escape room. It’ll be a real test! However, if you’re more of the competitors, hit the arcade and see who can win who the best prize.  
  9. Hike at High Rock–Sunset hike? A picnic? Yes. 
  10. Bonfire–Stay warm together with a relaxing bonfire. Chairs covered in blankets, food, and hot chocolate is the way to go.
    Sydney DeVaney at Ruby Tuesday