Jam Out with Guitar Club

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Jam Out with Guitar Club

Brittney Gano, Editor

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The 2018-19 school year is the inaugural year for the SMHS Guitar Club and the beginning of a welcoming group of musicians. 

Spring Mills High School offers a guitar class to its students, but this is the first year that a collaborative learning guitar club has been offered outside of school hours.  

The main leader and teacher in the club, junior Robbie Walter, came up with the idea at the beginning of the school year. When he introduced his idea, several students became interested in the club. 

“I knew there were a lot of guitarists in the schooland I thought it would be cool to have a place to meet and jam together,” said Walter. 

Although there are many experienced guitarists within the school, the club became more than a place for others to play together. Many students went with little to no experience under their belts and joined in, seeking guidance on how to play. 

“Anybody can join guitar club and learn something new. I’ve got a friend who’s been playing for many years and has taught me so much about it that would’ve been hard to learn by myself,” said sophomore Chris Marcus. 

The weekly club has become a welcoming place for anyone interested who wants to relax while learning, teaching others, or jamming out themselves.  

“Being in a club gives everyone a safe environment to both learn and play, and also to get feedback on how you’re doing,” said Walter. 

There is a diverse variety of members in the club, all of whom share a wide range of skills and experience to offer.  

“There are people ranging in skill level from beginners who just picked up a guitar to some who have 3+ years of experience. We even bring extra guitars every week for anyone who wants to drop by and try it out,” said Walter. 

Guitar Club meets every Thursday in Ms. Moore’s room.