Cardinals Leave the Nest

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Cardinals Leave the Nest

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SMHS seniors are taking time to plan out the future of their lives with graduation approaching quickly. 

This is the time of year when seniors start to plan their futures, such as what college to go to, what to do after high school, and what job opportunities are available to them. This is the time to figure everything out. College may not be everyone’s first choice, but the options are endless. 

If college is not a first choice, there are many other opportunities to take advantage of. Many students will turn to the military, while some will jump right into the workforce. Jobs that require a degree are growing, and the opportunities are arising. Military jobs are forever rewarding, with lifelong benefits and a life full of new experiences. 

Just out of the students in the SMHS Newspaper class, 7 out of 10 students will attend a college of their choice this fall. Possible in-state schools for these students to attend are West Virginia University, Marshall University, Shepherd University, Blue Ridge CTC, Glenville State College, Potomac State College, Fairmont State College, West Virginia State University, University of Charleston, and many more.

“I am looking forward to continuing my education and being around my family down in Huntington, most importantly my mom. I’m very excited to go to Marshall University. At Marshall, I’m dual majoring in health sciences and psychology, and I’m minoring in women and gender studies,” said senior Sydney DeVaney.  

Every college has different reasons why it could be the perfect school to attend. Shepherd University might be the best choice if the student wants to stay closer to home. It has a small campus with many programs. Class sizes are small and more personalized, giving students more opportunities to learn and ask as many questions as needed. 

“I’m going to Shepherd because it’s close to home and they have great programs,” said senior Jacob Michael. 

West Virginia University and Marshall University are both larger schools. WVU holds around 22,504 students, and Marshall holds 13,321 students. With much bigger class sizeslearning on your own is a must. No matter the school, students in West Virginia will be getting a great education and a good experience for the future.