Practice Makes Perfect: Mock Interviews 2019

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Practice Makes Perfect: Mock Interviews 2019

Jessica Raya, Author

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On Friday, March 8th, Spring Mills High School held mock interviews in the library for all juniors to prepare for real interviews in the future.   

Mock interviews are simulated interviews that are intended to feel like actual job interviews. This is meant to help people answer difficult questions they might come across in a real interview. It also improves communication skills.  

Spring Mills High School holds mock interviews for the junior class every year. People from local businesses in Berkeley County come to the school to act as interviewers for the students. These interviewers are given a certain number of students to interview, all selected randomly.  

The students are graded on how well their interview went. Their grade is based on a rubric that includes many factorswhether or not they dressed appropriately, how well the students shook their interviewer’s hand, the amount of confidence they had and, most importantly, how well they answered the interview questions.  

“I think my interview went well. I expected it to be more challenging but really it was a breeze,” said junior John Lovo.  

John Lovo, dressed up for mock interviews

Students were given time to prepare for these interviews during their English class. They were notified about them months in advance.  

During that time, students practiced asking and answering sample interview questions with each other. They also discussed how to dress, how to give a good handshake, and how to give good eye contact throughout the interview process.  

Seniors helped organize the mock interviews with the English teachers. They helped juniors find their interviewer locations in the library and made sure nobody interrupted the interviews.  

“I helped organize and guide people to their interviewers. It involved a lot of focus, but I was happy to help and enjoyed it very much,” said senior KC McManus. 

There are a lot of benefits that come with mock interviews. If someone is nervous about an upcoming interview, a practice can reduce their stress and anxiety about interviewing. Once the stress and anxiety about the situation are gone, confidence starts to increase which is another benefit. On top of that, someone can also get constructive criticism from a friend to help with weaknesses in their answers.  

Mock interviews are a great opportunity for people to experience what a real-life interview is like, an opportunity no one should miss out on.