AP Lit Trip to Richard the Third

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AP Lit Trip to Richard the Third

Kaylee Bailey, Editor

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Advanced Placement Literature teacher Karla Hilliard organized a field trip on March 7th for her students to go to Washington DC to see Richard the Third, and for some, to experience live theater for the first time. 

Throughout the month of February, Hilliard’s classes read Richard III by William Shakespeare.  

“I was excited to start this unit because I knew it would bring something different to each student,” said Hilliard.  

It is common for high school students to read Shakespeare, however Hilliard tries to spice it up and teach it in a way that is interactive with her students. 

“Often in class, we would reenact acts from the play and by doing this, I felt like I understood it so much deeper. In most of my other English classes, we boringly read through it, and that made it hard to follow,” said senior Kassidy Berdine.  

Along with acting out the play, Hilliard also prepared her students for the live theater by having a member of the Shakespeare Theater Company do a workshop with her classes.  

“Having him come in and teach us even more about Richard III made me so excited to finally see the play. He spoke to us in a way that really made me feel comforted and helped explain what to expect in great detail,” said senior Shelby Gibbons.  

The students took a charter bus ride up to Washington DC and walked right to the theater to get started. They were seated shortly after arrival and prepared for a great twohour show.  

“I was impressed with so many aspects. The play was so much more than just acting out the words that Shakespeare wrote. They added to the story with lighting, dancing, music, sets, and costumes. It couldn’t have been a greater experience, and I’m happy to have shared it with my classmates,” said senior Allee Proctor.