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The Bird's Eye View

How can I turn an F around for the last 9 weeks?

Kamryn Majewski and Kaylee Bailey

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Most important thing, talk to your teacher. It can be scary, but most teachers will try and understand. Also, bad grades reflect poorly on your teacher, so they’ll probably give you an opportunity to make your grade up. Always ask for extra credit, even the slightest bit can help.

About the Writers
Kamryn Majewski, Author

33% Iced Coffee 

27% Sensitive 

10% Hoodie Enthusiast  

15% Hair 

5% Dog Person 

10% Fast Food

Kaylee Bailey, Editor

33% Iced Coffee 

20% Narcissism  

27% Bad Jokes 

5% Unreliable  

5% Cat Enthusiast   

10% Tired

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How can I turn an F around for the last 9 weeks?