It’s as Easy as 3.141592…

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It’s as Easy as 3.141592…

Jessica Raya, Author

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On March 14, Spring Mills High School honored one of the most well-known numbers: pi, the neverending number also known as 3.14.   

To start Pi Day off, nine seniors from Leadership participated in a pie-themed contest.  

During the week of Pi Day, these nine seniors were assigned a jar. During all lunches, students and staff donated money to any jar of their choice, and whichever senior had the most money in their jar got pied in the face at the Pep Rally. Senior Allee Proctor won and was pied by teacher Karla Hilliard.  

Each senior chose a different charity to represent. After the contest is over, all proceeds will go to the winning charity. The following seniors and their charities included: 

  1. Bryce Ferro- Children’s Home Society  
  2. Dylan Henrikson- Kid’s Power Pack
  3. Allee Proctor- Recovery Point Rehab Program
  4. Meagan Schmuck- Loaves and Fishes
  5. Hannah Hearn- Cause for Paws
  6. Felicia Feeley- Food Pantry
  7. Jaelyn Wratchford- End N.F.
  8. Brianna Sine- Military Working Dogs Team Foundation
  9. Priyana Patel- Meals on Wheels   

One of the leadership seniors, Allee Proctor, has a heartwarming story as to why she chose to represent her charity.   

“I chose to raise money for Recovery Point West Virginia as my charity of choice because heroin addiction is a problematic epidemic all throughout West Virginia. Heroin addiction is a disease that doesn’t just affect my community but has played a role in my home life and family, which was a secret I pushed deep down in my chest and wasn’t ready to share with anyone, let alone my school. However, I’ve realized that this secret I was carrying wasn’t just my secret but also the secret of some students and staff here at Spring Mills. Once Mrs. Riffle gave us seniors the opportunity to choose a charity, I knew I wanted to choose something that has impacted me personally. Therefore, I set out to find a charity for addiction. I asked Mrs. Hilliard about the rehab center her late brother attended. She began to explain Recovery Point to me, how there are few beds and limited space. From there, I did this project not only for me or the community, but for Mrs. Hilliard and her family as well.  This project personally had a lot more emotion to it than just winning, and it was more than getting pie all over my face and posing for a picture; it was about choosing my bravery to voice about addiction, choosing to share my story and the story of many other West Virginians,” said Proctor.  

Allee Proctor getting pied in the face by teacher Karla Hilliard

Leadership students weren’t the only ones excited about Pi Day; Cardinal Catering joined in on the fun.  

Cardinal Catering decided to make their Cardinal Café-Bakery, a place for staff members to buy homemade lunches and snacks, have a pie-themed menu on March 14th. Everything they sold was pie related. The menu included 

  • Shepherd’s Pie
  • Chicken Pot Pie 
  • Lemon Meringue Pie  
  • Mixed Berry Pie with Streusel Topping 
  • Chocolate Cream Pie  

They also included fan favorites such as the turkey club wrap with brown sugar bacon, chocolate chip cookies, and snickerdoodle cookies. As always, they also served hot and cold drinks to go with the staff’s delicious piethemed lunch.  

“Being a part of Cardinal Catering is really fun. My favorite pie we did this week to celebrate Pi Day is the chocolate cream pie,” said senior Niko Leonard.   

Pi Day is a day of appreciation and celebration. Go out and celebrate by reciting the infinite numbers of pi, talk to your friends about pi, or maybe just eat some pie!