Top 5 Ways to Prep for the AP Exams


Exam schedule for 2019

Madison Casteele, Author

AP Exams start May 6th here at SMHS, and students are already worried about how they’re going to prepare for them. But don’t worry, here are the best ways to study for the exams. 


1. Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is an organization with the goal of creating online resources for kids to study. This is not like Quizlet. Khan Academy has an algorithm that helps you prepare by providing the materials you need to study. Some sections have a pre-test to design a study plan especially for you. There’s a section for almost all the AP exams we have here at SMHS, and Khan Academy is also 100% free to use.  


2. Quizlet 

Quizlet is a mobile and web-based study tool for students. Anyone can make study sets and share with friends to help everyone remember those hard topics for the exams. There are also practice tests and games to help you learn. If you like flash cards, don’t worry, they’ve got you. Quizlet is also completely free to make amany study sets as you want, but if you decide to add pictures, you’ll have to pay a small fee each month.  


3. Studying with friends  

Group studying is also a very helpful way to remember things. Get with friends in your AP classes and tackle the stuff you don’t remember together. “Study like there’s no tomorrow and the only way to get to tomorrow is studying,” sophomore Trinity Oster said. Studying with people who motivate you to work harder will help! 


4. Take detailed notes and KEEP THEM! 

This is a much longer process, but it will help you so much when any type of exam comes along. Start early by color-coding your notes and making them neat so you’ll be able to read them. Re-read them regularly and ask questions about things you don’t understand. If you’re absent, especially from an AP class, get someone else’s notes. Make sure after you keep your notes together and don’t throw them away after the semester exam!  

Color-coding key for notes by subject


5. Look out for after school study sessions 

Sophomore Abrianna Suazo recommends staying after school for teacher-hosted study sessions. Currently Mr. Grogg is holding study sessions every Thursday after school for APUSH students. Ask your teachers if they’re doing any after school study sessions or if they have other books to read and work from to prepare yourself for the exam.