Cardinals Athletics Off to a Great Start


Kamryn Majewski, author

The tennis team made their way over to Washington High School on Tuesday, March 26, for a match. They did their best and although they lost, their hard work showed. 

In tennis, there are different placements on the team. During team practices, they battle each other to see who the best is. Singles and doubles have these battles. They can request to play someone if they think they’re better and want their spot.  

For Spring Mills, the singles placements are seniors Rose Britner in first and KC McManus in second, along with freshmen Kiran Cole in third and Laura Felip in fourth. For the doubles, Britner and McManus are in first, Cole and Felip are in second, and junior Whitney Weyforth and senior Kala Sizemore are in third. 

“This is my first year playing tennis with the school, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the season turns out,” said senior Kala Sizemore.

Scoring for tennis works differently than any other sport. It goes love, 15, 30, 40, then game. It’s an 8-game set, and the first person to 8 wins. Players must win by two to win the set. The scoring is the same throughout single and double matches. However, the only difference is the singles play on a smaller court.  

“I’ve been playing on doubles for the team since freshman year. Right now, I’m the only junior on the team. I’m excited to be playing singles next year as a senior and to be number one on my team,” said junior Whitney Weyforth. 

So far this season, the team has won a match and lost a match. With returning and new players, they’re all trying to get to know each other and how they all play. The returning players are Britner, McManus, and Weyforth, with the new players being Sizemore, Felip, Cole, and senior Ashley Esquivel. New or old, everyone is excited to get a fresh start for the 2019 season.