WVU Decide Day


Kaylee Bailey, Editor

West Virginia University held a discover day during the weekend of March 23rd to help incoming freshmen tour the campus and get a feel for their future home.  

Spring Mills seniors are getting ready to leave the nest and make their final decisions on college. In the hopes to sway students their way, WVU invited students to visit for the weekend.  

“I woke up that morning excited to see my future home. Talking with my professors and seeing the spaces I would spend most of my time in was really comforting and made me feel calmer about leaving home,” said senior Brandon Carter.  

Students were all assigned different locations to park based on their major so they would be able to see the areas they would be attending and meet other students who had the same major as them.  

“I met a lot of new people that I’m excited to see every day. Everyone was so helpful and nice and offered their support and contact information to me,” said senior Natalie Vega.  

Discover WVU is primarily for students who are already admitted. However, it is also open to others interested in the school.  

“I was happy to have my family with me so they could see where I would be the next four years of my life. I am hopeful that my younger siblings will take an interest in the school and possibly join me later,” said Vega.  

Opportunities like this are important, and more colleges should host similar activities. Students are able to participate in their future communities and grow comfortable with the idea of leaving home.  

“I am so excited now. I feel like I haven’t been able to get to know the campus before this past weekend, and now that I have, I can’t wait to get started in the fall,” said Carter.