Long Jumping to New Lengths


Kamryn Majewski, author

SMHS senior Emma Shroades starts her 5th track season as a Cardinal. 

Emma Shroades is a senior as Spring Mills High School who has been doing track for five years now. She started off her track career in the eighth grade, where she attended North Middle School. During her eighth-grade season, she ran the 200-meter dash and the 400-meter dash. She also participated in the long jump event, which she really took off in.  

For Emma’s first year in high school, she ran for the Spring Mills freshman track team. She had coaches Tim Stout and Brooke Styer. She ran the 200-meter dash, 300-meter hurdles, long jump, and the shuttle hurdles. In Shroades’ 2016 season, she ran a 33.74 second 200-meter dash, and a 1:01 minute long 300-meter hurdles. 

“I really love running track, and I love my teammates. We all have a really strong bond,” said Shroades.

During her 10th, 11th, and 12th grade seasons she’s only been doing long jump. For her 9th grade year, she jumped 14 feet and 4 inches. During her 10th grade season, she jumped 14 feet and 2.5 inches. And during her 11th grade season, she jumped 15 feet and 4 inches. That has been Emma’s best yet, and she’s hoping to jump even further for her senior year.  

“I’m really hoping this season turns out how we have all hoped. We have been conditioning and practicing since November, and I think that will give us the advantage we need,” said Shroades. 

Although Shroades has faced some injuries in those past few years, she’s all healed up and ready to reach for some new personal records this season. She is hoping to advance on to the state level, seeing her season goes well. Considering this is her last season ever, she wants to make it her best yet. With the encouragement of her family, teammates, and coaches, Emma is feeling confident she will succeed.