Everyone’s an Artist in SMHS

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Everyone’s an Artist in SMHS

Brittney Gano, Editor

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Spring Mills High School’s senior class hosted a paint night fundraiser on Wednesday, March 13th. 

All the participants met in the Spring Mills High School cafeteria where they were provided with all the necessary supplies to recreate their own version of a painting. 

The senior class chose a sunflower, and art teacher Mrs. Sizemore, along with one of her students, led the group in painting their very own version of the art. With a few breaks in-between, everyone was able to finish their masterpieces in a little under two hours. 

Although every person was given the same exact instructions and materials for their paintings, each one of them came out uniquely different. Every painting was vastly different from the next, and each person seemed to be pleased with their work. 

“I really enjoyed myself while painting. I’ve never painted before and it was nice to relax and follow along, even if everyone else’s turned out better than mine. I still think I did pretty good,” said parent Sabrina Welsh. 

Paint nights aren’t only for the most talented artists to participate in, or even artists at all. Anyone who wants to can join in, have some fun, and do well. This paint night was especially inclusive, as the painting was easy and still presented itself as a more complex piece of work. 

“I was nervous when I first saw the picture we would be painting, but it looked really good at the end. Mine was actually good enough to put up on my wall,” said Welsh. 

No matter the skill range, paint nights can be for anyone. They are a place for any diverse group of people to meet and create a work of art of their own.