Trump’s Flip-Flopping Twitter Opinions

Trump's Flip-Flopping Twitter Opinions

Brittney Gano, Editor

Donald Trump’s massive online following was crucial to him winning the presidential election in 2016, and it has seemed continually important for him to touch base on every single issue that comes to his mind throughout each day. 

The rise of social media has given the presidency something it has never had before: The ability to freely and efficiently communicate to the public without the filter of other media sources. And for Trump, it’s severely transparent. His personal twitter, @realDonaldTrump, is controlled only by himself and unreviewed before he decides to tweet.  

A personally run social media account is justified until the president constantly puts his foot in his mouth while tweeting and makes terrible errors such as a midnight tweet stating, “despite the negative press covfefe,” and nothing else. The random tweet wasn’t the first or last time he has made a fool of himself on social media, nor is it usually typos that are his major issue. 

The WH press secretary is usually responsible for dealing with the media in order to manage issues and uphold a positive public image, but the current Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee has no control over when-often frequently-the president decides post on Twitter. Having a press secretary brings control, whereas Trump’s independent Twitter allows him to undoubtably say things that probably should’ve been previewed before tweeting. Many who closely follow Trump’s twitter have realized that he constantly contradicts himself throughout the several-year history of his page. 

The president is voted into the White House by the public because he or she most closely aligns with the beliefs of the majority of voters (or in President Donald Trump’s case, the majority electoral college vote). So how does it make him look when there is an easily accessible public database of how often he turns around and hypocritically changes his views on a topic? 

Trump contradicts himself so frequently that someone has even made flip-flops dedicated to it, one shoe representing a tweet while the other features how he has completely flip-flopped on his opinion.  

Although Trump has caught some heat over his overly-active twitter page, the media app has managed to continually work in his favor. He has used the platform to put himself ahead of the game on an idea, momentarily divert the public’s attention from real issues, justify or redirect the validity of real issues (aka “fake news”), and test the public’s reaction to something on his own personal platform. He may constantly contradict himself on Twitter within his 42.1k tweets, but his methods are still annoyingly effective. 

The presidents use of a personal social media account has a direct and stupidly effective impact on his image. Although he’s openly a hypocrite and constantly puts his foot in his mouth, it works, and we’re all angry about it.