Juniors Looking Forward for Their Future

Luigi Santiago, Author

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The Juniors of SMHS took the SAT on April 9th for the West Virginia Department of Education.

Last year, the West Virginia Department of Education chose the SAT as the new statewide standardized test to replace the Smarter Balanced exam for high school juniors in the spring. A considerable part of the college application process hinges on ACT or SAT scores, so contemplating test-prep goals as junior year starts is a great idea. Teachers also provided time for the juniors to review together as a class. 

During sophomore year, students had the opportunity to take the pre-ACT, and in fall of their junior year, they had to take the PSAT. They also can study through Khan Academy and send their scores to the college they want to go to for free. The juniors were prepared when it was SAT day.

Junior Braden Shaw was feeling nervous about the SAT, but he was prepared and hopeful to get a high score to gain scholarships for college. He asked his friends who are seniors for tips on how to do well on the ACT and SAT. 

“I studied for a month to get a good score to apply for the Promise Scholarship because I don’t want to pay that much money for college,” said Shaw. 

Math teacher Mrs. Pack has been helping her juniors to do well in math for their SAT. Before the SAT day, she usually does Khan Academy every week to freshen their minds on their past math lessons. She wants her students to be successful when they get out in high school. 

“It warms my heart to see my students work hard in my class and prepare themselves for the SAT,” said Mrs. Pack.