What’s Cooking in Cardinal Country

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What’s Cooking in Cardinal Country

Jessica Raya, Author

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On April 11th, in Mrs. Christine Mills’ fifth period Advanced Food and Nutrition class, students competed against each other in a cooking competition.  

In this competition, each student was given an MRE. MRE stands for a Meal Ready to Eat, which are prepackaged individual rations containing a complete meal. They are mainly used by the US military but have also been given out to civilians during natural disasters.  

Five teams competed against each other for the grand prize, which consisted of bragging rights as well as a bouquet of golden cooking utensils.  

Various meals were provided by Sergeant Angelo Gilbert, an Army National Guard Recruiter in West Virginia. The ingredients ranged from pasta dishes to chicken burritos. 

“In my opinion, the pasta dish is the best,” said Sergeant Gilbert.   

 Each competitor had under an hour to cook. They were judged based on different factors of their dish. This included how their dishes tasted as well as how they chose to present them.   

These students were excited and couldn’t wait for the difficult challenge. They had trained for the competition for months, and some even trained for years. 

“For sure, it will be a tough competition. My other competitors are really talentedso I’d like to see what they come up with,” said senior Niko Leonard.  

The student who took home first place in the cook-off was junior Lauren Wrye. She knocked out the competition with her winning meal that consisted of a salad, a pasta dish, and a slushie as a beverage. Wrye was able to use all the ingredients provided in her MRE kit, giving her a higher score.  She had the chance to celebrate her victory with others and was able to take home a bouquet of golden cooking utensils

The winning prize, a bouquet of golden cooking utensils

As the Spring Mills High School students fought their way through the competition, they showed great sportsmanship as well was their talented cooking skills, representing this school beautifully.