SMHS Raffle: Prizes for Prom


Marissa Robinson, Author

During the month of April, SMHS hosted a Prom raffle in preparation for Prom on Saturday, April 27.  

The raffle offered prizes geared towards everything related to the dance. The prizes included a makeup session with Zach Cooke, free hair styling, free couple pictures, a free outfit for boys and girls, and many more. 

Senior Jessica Surber won one of the prom raffles. She won a free makeup session and hair styling, along with a free outfit for herself from JCPenney’s.

The raffle allowed students to buy a ticket in which their name would be added into a drawing. With prom on the way, the prizes helped so many SMHS students financially with getting all the items and services they need to get ready for prom on a budget. 

“I am very thankful for Mrs. Riffle. This is my first time ever getting my hair and makeup done professionally for a dance and I cannot wait. Prom is going to be amazing for my senior year,” said Surber. 

The raffle was drawn every Friday, and each week, there were several winners. Senior Jaelyn Wratchford won the beach bum tanning membership. 

“Most of the prizes were gift cards donated by the community,” said Wratchford.  

Prom can come with a lot of expenses. The prom raffle was a great opportunity for students to donate a small amount of money and have the chance at winning a prize. 

“I already had my prom dress, but since I won the free makeup and hair styling, I can say I have everything ready. It definitely helps with the expenses and relieves my stress,” said Surber. 

With events such as prom, it helps to take advantage of purchasing items for a discount, or even getting it for free. So much money can be saved when buying on a budget.