Living Poets Library of SMHS

Brittney Gano, Editor

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During the month of April, Mrs. Jessica Salfia’s Creative Writing students researched their own chosen living poet to celebrate National Poetry Month. 

The students were instructed to follow the life and work of a living poet that interested them and complete a poster project inspired by the writer. They could use any resources at hand to research their poet, but many used the writers displayed in the Living Poets Digital Library. The library features some of today’s most relevant and influential poets, along with several links and resources related to them to find more information.  

I did a lot of research on living poets, and it was cool because I learned a lot about several poets and their lives. My project was on José Olivarez,” said senior Christian Chase. 

The intention of the project was for students to learn more about a poet currently impacting the world with their work, and then create a poster that would become a part of a make-shift living poet’s library of their own in the halls of Spring Mills High School. Requirements were that each poster had a picture of the poet, QR code linked to more information, a poem that defined the poet, and an imitation poem written by the student. The posters were also to be decorated in some way that related to the poet. 

“I really enjoyed it because it was a creative way to explore poetry, and it was really fun to create,” said senior Hailey Davis. 

Not only were the posters hung in the hallways for other students to appreciate, but also many of the poets have seen and responded to, liked, or retweeted the works by the students via Salfia’s twitter @jessica_salfia. 

The posters can now be found on the walls of the staircase at the end of the 200 wing.