A Night to Remember


Sydney DeVaney, Author

“It’s the night of our nightmares. It’s the night of our dreams.”

This is a memorable scene in the 2008 High School Musical 3: Senior Year, and for a lot of Spring Mills, it was on April 27th, 2019. Held at the Clarion Hotel in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Prom 2019 has been one of few to be held off campus.  

By popular demand, the Prom’s theme was New York, New York, and the decorations were put together by the Prom committee and included an orange couch and sign from the show Friends.  

Traditionally, Prom day starts early or even the night before. Hair, makeup, getting dressed, pictures, dinner, all in what seems to be a short day. 

Because prom was in Shepherdstown, a popular pre-Prom spot was the Bavarian Inn that overlooks the Potomac River. 

The actual dance started at 8:00pm, and everyone was greeted by principal Mr. Robert Myers. 

At 9:30, the Prom court lined up and made their entrances for the king and queen crowning. To pass down her crown, 2018’s Prom queen Amanda Keplinger also made an appearance 

Announced first was the king, senior Dakota DiMarino, and then, arguably the most exciting part of prom, the queen announcement. After a drum roll and a ton of cheering, the 2019 prom queen was senior Meagan Schmuck.  

“I was surprised to even be voted onto the court, but I figured it was because me and Aidan [Moss] have been together for a while,” said Schmuck. 

Schmuck is a part of Leadership and Student Government and had no idea what was to come on Prom night. 

“I didn’t think I would get it until right before they announced it. I heard my junior friends yelling my name, and I knew they were the ones who counted [the ballots]. I also remember thinking how embarrassing it would be if they said someone else’s name!” said Schmuck.  

Schmuck also mentioned getting roses and being excited the crown matched her dress. 

“I’m going to West Virginia University, but I plan on coming home to crown the next queen,” said Schmuck.