Math teacher gives insight on life as new Spring Mills High staff member

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Math teacher gives insight on life as new Spring Mills High staff member

Ryenn Snyder, Author

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By: Ryenn Snyder 

New math teacher at Spring Mills High School, Ms. Osmolovsky, enjoys her new job as a staff member. 

Although new at Spring Mills, Osmolovsky is not new to the profession. Before teaching here in West Virginia, she taught at a school in North Carolina.  

Osmolovsky went to college for her undergraduate at Grand Canyon University in Arizona. For her Master’s degree, she went to American University in Washington, D.C.  

At Grand Canyon University, she majored in mathematics. Master of Business Administration is what she majored in at American University. 

After teaching in North Carolina Osmolovsky left the profession for a while. She worked corporate business for three years.  

The reason she decided she wanted to be a teacher came from the inspiration of her 9th grade biology teacher. She expresses how passionate about teaching she was. She says her old teacher inspired her to want to inspire other children. 

“I love the culture,” said Osmolovsky. This is one the things she favors the most about Spring Mills. She also finds the school very family oriented and supportive. 

In her opinion, the class sizes could use some work. She expresses how she thinks class sizes are inconsistent; some too big and some too small. 

“I like to play games,” said Osmolovsky. She finds that review games always seem to help her students. Another method she uses for teaching her students is repetition.  

Ovmolovsky showcasing her “wall of math”.

Overall, Osmolovsky enjoyher roll at Spring Mills High School. She hopes to inspire children and help them understand and enjoy math.