Get to Know the New Head of Cardinal Country

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Get to Know the New Head of Cardinal Country

Katelyn Benoit, Author

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By: Katelyn Benoit

New principal Mr. Jason Kamlowsky has entered the Cardinal Nest for his first year at Spring Mills High School.  

Kamlowsky has worked for Berkeley County Schools for eight years. 

He started as a principal at Musselman High School in 2014, but before becoming principal, he was a teacher. He loved teaching, but he wanted to reach out to kids more and have a greater effect on them. 

“I love it,” Kamlowsky said regarding running a school with over 1,000 students in it. Even though SMHS is a smaller population compared to Musselman, there are more people to get to know because he is new to the school. 

Kamlowsky at lunch talking to students.

Kamlowsky’s favorite part of being the Head Cardinal at SMHS is getting to know the students. 

His plans for the school consist of more clubs and organizations to have kids involved in the school more. He wants the school to be a place where kids want to be. 

I’m in favor of anything to give them an outlet,” said Kamlowsky“I want them to understand that we care. I care about them individually no matter what if the problem is big or small.” 

He has a care for teachers because he was a teacher before deciding to become a principal.  

“I know how difficult the job of a teacher is, and I appreciate the job they do,” Kamlowsky said. 

If something is going on, communicate with somebody so that we can help,”said Kamlowsky. “We will always listen.”