Freshman Cheerleader Flies Her Way In at Game


Rylea Wilson, Author

By: Rylea Wilson

Freshman student Cheyanne Jordan rallies the crowd as a JV cheerleader at SMHS.

Jordan is one of many girls on team who is a freshman. She is a flyer which means she is getting thrown into the air. Jordan also is on the high school cheer competition team. 

Jordan’s favorite thing to do at cheer practice is stunting.  

“I love cheering because it’s new and fun,” said Jordan. 

Three Flyers performing a stunt.

Jordan is in honors classes, cheer team, and competitive team. All of the honor classes come with a lot of homework, but she makes sure to get it done before cheer practice. She makes sure that she has a schedule for everything that goes on. 

Jordan’s advice for any upcoming cheerleaders is just to do it.  

“Don’t be afraid to try it,” said Jordan. 

Jordan has a passion for cheer and enjoys her friendships on the teams as they grow.