Junior Victory Over Defending Champs In Powder Puff Game

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Junior Victory Over Defending Champs In Powder Puff Game

Josalyn Junkin, Author

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On Wednesday September 25th, juniors and seniors competed on the field in the annual Powder Puff football game. 

Going into the game, there was already some tension from the trash talk following the lead up to the game. Juniors came up victorious with a 34-6 win. They were running trick plays, and receivers had no problem getting open for junior quarterback Brianna Byrdsong. 

Junior Brianna Byrdsong getting ready for the next play to start

“I just tried by best to perform the plays that we had practiced and to get to an open spot to receive the ball, said junior Nylah Gonzales. 

Senior coaches were Jalen Burton, Keenan Smoot, and Jada Brooks.  

“I think that they were just more prepared than us and honestly just a better team, said senior coach Smoot.

Senior players tried to run different plays but failed to execute unlike the juniors who had receivers open in the end zone, ready for pass offs, and had many trick plays under their belt. 

“In practice, we didn’t go over as many plays as we wanted and ended up just being overwhelmed. We ended up just forgetting the plays and doing our own thing.” said senior Rylea Wilson. 

The class of 2020 came up short this year after coming off a big win in the game last year, but as senior cheerleader Jared Keith said: 

“We may have lost this game, but we graduate this year.” 

Senior players and coaches getting a picture before the game starts