Cafe Del Sol is The New Hangout Spot!


Katelyn Benoit, Author


Over the weekend, I went to Cafe Del Sol and here is my review of the restaurant in Martinsburg, WV.

Service: 5

We were greeted at the door and were told to sit anywhere we liked. The staff was so friendly! When we ordered, the food was fast to get. Overall, the service was fantastic!

Environment/Atmosphere: 5

The establishment was clean and very well decorated. It was well lit and not too busy. The atmosphere of the building was very calm. It wasn’t loud at all. Very relaxing if you just want to get some good food after a long day.

Food Review: 4

For appetizers, we ordered the Ahi Tuna Tostadas and the Nachos Del Sol. The tostadas were delicious and unique. I have never tasted anything like that before and it was definitely a new experience. The Nachos were also very good. They had a chilli taste to them. On the side it came with sour cream and salsa. The salsa tasted homemade and it was very tasteful. For entrees, I got the Crab cake Panini with sweet potato fries with a side of ranch. The panini was very enjoyable. Very cheesy and you could taste the crab cake distinctly. The sweet potato fries seemed old like they have been sitting out for a while. The ranch wasn’t like your ordinary ranch. It had a hint of parmesan in it and i’m not complaining! For dessert, we got the Pumpkin Cake and the Tiramisu. The pumpkin cake had too much cake and not enough frosting. The taste was yummy but it needed more cream cheese frosting. The Tiramisu was just your ordinary dessert. It was delicious and very soft.

Ahi Tuna Tostadas

Wow Factor: 3/5

Overall Final Review:

I think Cafe Del Sol is a great place to eat and take the family out for dinner when you want to try something different. Cafe Del Sol is different from your ordinary eatery. This place is amazing and has my approval!