Ask A Senior: Rylea Wilson

Ryenn Snyder, Author

By: Ryenn Snyder 

Rylea Wilson is a senior at Spring Mills High School. Her boyfriend is in the United States Marines. Some of her hobbies are cheering for the Spring Mills varsity team and going on mini road trips with friends. 

What are 3 pieces of advice you’d give to freshman to help them get through high school? 

“Be on time for sure because it will come back on you.” Wilson finds attendance very important to be a successful high school student.  

“Turn everything in because, as a freshman, it will be hard for you to catch up.” She also finds it very important to try your best to get all your work done. It can be very hard to catch up and get back on pace. 

“Be active in school spirit.” Participate in spirit weeks, dances, activities, etc. If not, your high school experience can be very boring.