Juul: Just Another Drug


Hannah Marambio, Author

Juul is a smoking alternative designed to help adult smokers quit smoking. Yet, it is mainly used by teens/ young adults who are actually now more likely to start smoking.  This alternative is potentially even more dangerous for you and its effects are still unknown. The way that Juul markets its products is also very controversial and is undeniably marketed and promoted towards teens in particular. 

Juul appeals to today’s youth for several reasons, and the majority of today’s teens have either used or owned one. Flavored pods are what draw in most teens, along with its convenient size and quick charge time. This is also why it can be argued that Juuls are marketed specifically to teens. Adults aren’t buying mint, cotton candy, or mango pods; their kids are. 

Juul products are marketed to those 21 and over and come with a warning, both of which are ignored.

This device is so popular that it makes up 68% of the $2 billion dollar e-cigarette market. You must be twenty-one to purchase a Juul, but they are still accessible to kids of all ages. This is due to older friends/relatives making the purchase, sellers who just want to make money, and an existing Juul black market on sites such as eBay. 

Everything has consequences, and Juuls are no exception. One hit isn’t going to kill you, but your 1,000th just might. It’s a personal choice to use one, but that doesn’t make it a good one. The FDA and medical professionals are warning against usage due to more than a thousand lung disease cases, potential brain damage for developing minds, and the development of serious nicotine addictions. Nicotine salts are also a potential danger and are more easily consumed into the bloodstream. 

What makes Juul and other vape products so dangerous, though?  First, the nicotine that users are getting from one pod is equal to a full pack of cigarettes. Using this product also causes physical and psychological damage (the one that most people don’t realize) as well. Vaping is a big trend currently, but the nicotine addiction that comes with it could be long lasting. The FDA is currently working to ban flavored pods and make the product less appealing to teens. 

Before choosing to use any form of e-cigarettes or vapes, you should consider the mental and physical damage that might follow. If you’re using it to help with anxiety or stress, there are countless other positive and healthy methods that you can try instead. If you can learn how to identify your vaping triggers, find replacement behaviors, change your routine, give yourself the care that you deserve, and more, then one step at a time you can take your life back. As a teen, this is the youngest and healthiest that you will be, and you owe it to yourself not to take it for granted.