Mrs. Price in Action

Rylea Wilson, Author

Sharon Price is a gym teacher here at Spring Mills High School. 

Price’s favorite thing about teaching is that the school environment is always changing. She feels that as a teachers you can never get bored and leave the students hanging. 

“I really enjoy the kids here at SMHS,” said Price. 

Price is close to a lot of her students. She makes sure that if they can’t talk to their parents, they can always have her because she will be there for anyone. Mrs. Price wants to give security to all the kids whether she has them in class or not. 

As with many teachers, Price has a big pet peeve about her students which is laziness. As a gym teacher Price expects everyone to be up, active, and having fun. 

The hardest thing for Price as a teacher is trying not to care too much with the children.  

“You can’t be that attached to the kids,” said Price. 

If Price could change anything about the school dayshe would change school times. She wants school to start even earlier so we all can get out early.  

“I just want to get up and get things done,” said Price.