English teacher gives insight on Spring Mills High School

Ryenn Snyder, Author

English and journalism teacher at Spring Mills High School, Mrs. Liz Jorgensen, teaches her hardest. 

Jorgensen first taught at Hedgesville High School. She was hired at the school straight out of college. When Spring Mills was expanding classes in 2014, Jorgensen was transferred to the school. Though she wasn’t too happy at first, she grew to love the school. 

Jorgensen went to college at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. She majored in Secondary English Education.  

“I started realizing in high school that I liked helping people understand things,” says Jorgensen. From a young age, she had an interest in being a teacher.  

In high school, she used to help her friend from Korea in Spanish class. Also, she was an assistant teacher in her Spanish class. Her Spanish teacher would have her lesson plan and teach once a week.  

“From a teacher’s perspective, there are so many good teachers at our school,” says Jorgensen. She has learned a lot from the other Spring Mills teachers. She also believes that the teachers at the school care a lot about the success of the students.  

Jorgensen believes that one thing our school needs to continue to work on is establishing school traditions. She believes that school would be a lot more enjoyable for students if there were fun traditions set.  

Jorgensen believes that it is important to care about students. She likes creating actual relationships with the students she teaches. 

“Truly caring about the students and being dedicated to them is what’s important,” says Jorgensen. She believes in putting in extra time and trying hard for the students. She thinks it’s important to take the time to notice what’s going on in the students’ lives.  

In her free time, Jorgensen is very involved in her church. She teaches kids at her church once a month. Also, she loves being outdoors, biking, and hiking. Lastly, she loves playing and listening to music with her husband.  

Jorgensen is a teacher that a lot of kids can look up to as a role model. She has become one of the best teachers at Spring Mills High School.