Chase Henson Named Player of the Week

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Chase Henson Named Player of the Week

Josalyn Junkin, Author

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Junior Chase Henson was named Journal/Pivot Physical Therapy Athlete of the Week for October 14-20 after SMHS Football’s win over Albert Gallatin. 

“I’ve played football my whole life, since I was 6. I just started playing varsity last year as a sophomore linebacker,” said Henson. 

Henson takes a step back to see who he can throw the ball to during a game.

Because they had to travel two hours to get there, it was not an easy trip to make. Traveling that far and losing was not an option.  

“I try to keep the guys’ heads up no matter what situation we are in. We just keep our heads high in tough situations, and I believe we do a good job with that, especially in the Albert Gallatin,” said Henson. 

After many injuries this season, and the team still being affected by injuries last year, a lot of pressure has been put on Henson to keep the team going. Players have been moving positions all year and sometimes mid game to compensate for the loss. 

“The game comes natural to me, so it doesn’t matter what position I play. I’m just going to do what’s best for the team, if I have to play guard I will. We have lost a lot of talent due to injuries this year, but we can’t stop working for our goals because of it. We just have to work around multiple obstacles on the way,” said Henson.