History Teacher Takes on the World


Katelyn Benoit, Author

World History and U.S. Comp Teacher Mr. Ryan Linger travels with students around the world and connects with them in the classroom. 

Linger has been working for Berkeley County Schools for seven years. He has been a Social Studies Teacher at SMHS for four years. His roles in the county consist of teaching social studiesleading EF Tours, and co-coordinating the ACE Competition for Berkeley County.  

“I like to make students cry,” Linger joked. “Actually, though, history is the only thing that gets longer every day. It is important to see history’s mistakes, issues, and problems and learn in society.” 

His favorite part about being a teacher at SMHS is that he loves to make connections with the real world in class and be able to talk about it freely. Linger’s favorite subject to teach is World History. 

“That’s my jam!” said Linger. He also has advice for students. “Stay organized and be willing to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. 

As a leader of EF Tours, last year he led a trip to Greece in summer of 2019. Students did various activities like walking around town to racing where the first Olympics was held. He also took a trip to China last November.

As a history nerd, it was one of the greatest,” Linger said His favorite part about the whole trip was walking on the Great Wall of China. 

Some upcoming trips throughout the next two years consist of going to the capitols of the British Isles in 2020 and the Alps and Mediterranean Coast in 2021.   

Poster advertising an upcoming trip.