Teacher of the Week: Mr. Riese


Josalyn Junkin, Author

This is Mr. Riese’s first year teaching at SMHS. He took over the theater department and since being here, he has been very involved in the school activities. Administrators have shown a tremendous amount of appreciation towards Riese for always being able to lend a helping hand. 

“The greatest thing I could say about him would be how much of a team player he isHe is always willing to step in where he is needed. He refed powderpuff! He’s getting involved in things all over the school,” said Kamlowsky. 

Mr. Riese is involved in theater, cardinal communication crew, and volunteers for different leadership roles around the school. 

“My favorite part about teaching for spring mills is moving out of English and science and into theater because I did 15 years professional theater before becoming a teacher, so this is leading back to the thing that I love,” said Riese