3 Accessories to Spruce Up Your Outfit

3 Accessories to Spruce Up Your Outfit

Katelyn Benoit, Author

Accessories make a bland outfit look more refined and dapper. Even if you have a different sense of style from everybody else, you can always find an accessory to go with your outfit. 

1. Earrings-Earrings are on the top of my list for being one of the best accessories. You can always find an accessory to match whatever occasion, season, and day possible to mankind. There are also different styles of earrings. You can wear hoops, studs, stars, and even little Santa earrings! My favorite place to get earrings is Target because they have a lot of cute and different earrings to choose from. I always get a compliment about my earrings.

2. Belts–Belts are one of the accessories that not a lot of people consider an accessory. These days, belts in ladies and men’s fashion could make or break an outfit. I go for more dark styled belts like black belts or monochrome belts. They look good when you tuck in your shirt.  

3. Socks-Socks are one of those accessories that you can put anything on. You could get socks with turkeys on them or even Kim Kardashian’s face! One place to get cheap socks at is TJMAXX. I bought a pair of socks that had black stripes on them and in between the stripes was clear stripes. They are kind of wacky but also unique. Even if you wore socks with your pants rolled up and a pair of white socks, you can wear any pair of socks you want.