Tune In Tuesday: Oliver Tree


Paige Kilmer, Author

Oliver Tree has recently gotten popular but is already stepping away from the limelight. Luckily for us, he’s left us with a pretty amazing EP – “Do You Feel Me?” Tree falls into pop-rap indie genres and has a unique sound that can’t be replicated. Here’s a little insight on the album: 

Track 1: Introspective 

Introspective is a great song to sing along to when you’ve had enough of everybody.  Tree really expresses how fed up he is and boy, I really relate. The steady beat and guitar might make you feel like you’re listening to some 90’s alternative, but trust me, the song just debuted this year. 

Introspective” Official Music Video 

Track Two: Miracle Man 

Personally, this is probably my favorite song on the EP. It’s catchy and passionate. The perfect combination for the perfect song. This is my go-to song to get hyped up to start my mornings.  

Miracle Man” Official Music Video 

Track Three: Alien Boy 

Tree is probably best known for this song and rightfully so. Tree introduces his hustling celestial being in this song and we’re all pretty glad he did. 

Alien Boy” Official Music Video 

Track Four: Do You Feel Me? 

In need of confidence? You might want to turn this song up then. Just do it, you’ll thank yourselves later. J 

“Do You Feel Me?” Official Music Video 

Track Five: Hurt 

The title says it all. Seems like some, well needed, sad boy time to me. 

  “Hurt” Official Music Video 

Track Six: All Bets Are Off 

It’s a bop, that’s all you need to know. Nowgo and listen to it. 

“All Bets Are Off” Official Music Video 


 Rate: 7.5/10