SMHS Students Take on Spooky Week


Rylea Wilson, Author

This past week, SMHS held a Spooky Spirit Week. 

This was the first ever Spooky Spirit Week SMHS ever had. During this weekall students and teachers had options to dress up.  

“Dressing up in our costumes on Thursday was my favorite day because everyone was in a good mood, and it was cool seeing the creativity from students,” said sophomore Katelyn Benoit. 

Students took this week to express themselves for Halloween. 

Many students enjoyed the Spooky Spirit Week because it let them be able to dress up and enjoy Halloween at school. In the pastSpring Mills did not have a spirit week for Halloween, so this made students excited to go to school for Halloween. 

The seniors enjoyed Spooky Spirit Week because it was one of their last spirit weeks. 

“I hope we have Spooky Spirit Week in the years that come,” said freshman Bryce Wilson.