Candy, Costumes, and Kids Oh My!


Katelyn Benoit, Author

By; Katelyn Benoit

SMHS’s Pre-K class trick or treated and gathered candy around the school on Halloween.  

My favorite part was seeing all the different costumes they had and the different things they liked,” said senior and TA for the Pre-K class Madison Cover. Cover went around with the kids and staff, walking them to each classroom that passed out candy. Cover wants to be a teacher, so this experience was a terrific one.  

“I learned the different things they liked and activities they liked by their costumes,” said Cover.  

Teachers enjoyed handing out candy to the kids walking around in their festive costumes.  

“I love that the kids have a good time with it,” said English teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Jorgensen. Her favorite part was trying to guess what they were dressed up as.  

Big Red hugging one of the Pre-K students.

I asked one Pre-K student, ‘Are you a princess?’ and she responded, No i’m a cupcake!’” said Jorgensen. 

This event gave the high schoolers a chance to work with the pre-k kids and make them more a part of the Cardinal Community. 

Biology teacher Ms. Alexis Emch thought the same tooShe enjoyed seeing the kids be shy and then warm up to everyone. She also liked seeing the older kids interact with the students.