8 Comedy Flicks That Will Be Sure To Keep You Laughing


1. Anger Management 

This movie stars Adam Sandler. It is about a man that gets in a confrontation on a plane and is ordered by a judge to take anger management classes. After the first class, he realizes that his anger management teacher is very annoying and won’t leave him alone. 

2. School of Rock  

This movie stars Jack Black. It is about a guitarist that gets fired from his job at his bar. In need of work, he becomes a substitute teacher at a private school. He exposes them to rock music and they soon take a liking to it. 

3. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 

This movie stars Kevin James. It is about a mall cop that must deal with saving the mall and everyone in it when the people acting as “Santa’s little helpers” take shoppers hostage, including his wife and daughter, in the mall.  

4. The Water Boy 

This movie also stars Adam Sandler. It is about a water boy for a successful college football team. After he is fired from this job, he becomes the water boy for another team that isn’t so successful. He soon realizes that he is actually a good football player. 

5. Step Brothers 

This movie stars Will Ferrell. It is about a grown man that still lives with his mom. When his mom gets married, he finds out that his mom’s new husband also has his grown child living with him. Him and his new stepbrother constantly clash and argue. 

6. Home Alone 

This movie stars Macaulay Culkin. It is about a little boy who accidentally gets left behind when his whole family leaves for a family vacation. While he’s home alone, two men plan to rob his house. He spends the whole time protecting his house from the thieves. 

7. Mrs. Doubtfire 

This movie stars Robin Williams. It is about a man who dresses up as an old woman and gets hired as a nanny by his ex-wife so that he would be able to see his kids.  

8. Daddy Day Care 

This movie stars Eddie Murphy. It is about a dad that decides to start and run a daycare with the help of a few of his friends. He soon realizes that it’s harder than he thought. He tries his best to keep the daycare in business.