Spring Mills Students Show Their Appreciation for Veterans Day


Ryenn Snyder, Author

Veterans Day is celebrated across America on November 11th every year to honor veterans.

Many students at Spring Mills High School have a special place in their hearts for Veterans Day. A lot of students have had family that have served for our country.

Senior Rylea Wilson deeply appreciates Veterans Day. Some of her family and friends have been in the service.

“Veterans Day is very important to me because I come from a military family. My dad was in the Navy, my grandpa was in the Vietnam War, and my boyfriend is currently in the Marines,” said Wilson. She has learned the importance of Veterans Day through her interactions with these people.

Junior Paige Kilmer also appreciates Veterans Day. Some of her family has also served for our country.

“My grandpa was in the service. This is what makes Veterans Day important to me,” said Kilmer. Her family has taught her how important Veterans Day really is.

A good chunk of sophomore Katelyn Benoit’s family has also been in the service.

“It’s very important to me because I have family that have been in the service and have risked their lives for the life I have now,” said Benoit. Her family has taught her the importance of Veterans Day.

Students all around Spring Mills have been showing their appreciation for Veterans Day. Make sure to sign up at lunch to participate in the Veterans Day assembly taking place on Friday, November 8.