The Infamous Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich


Katelyn Benoit , Author

In the fast food world, this chicken sandwich has hit the market hard. There has been such a high demand for this chicken sandwich recently.

When the chicken sandwich first came out and was announced, it sold out almost immediately. Popeyes started a BYOB. BYOB stood for ‘Bring Your Own Bun.’ The internet got a kick out of that.

Popeyes being funny and making BYOB.

I first tried the sandwich when it first came out and here is what I think about it:

I think the sandwich is really good! The chicken really makes the sandwich different from any other fast food chicken sandwich. It’s very crispy and juicy.

They have two options of the sandwich. You can get the regular which is pickles and mayonnaise and the regular sandwich. You can also get the spicy sandwich. It has a spicy mayonnaise and pickles. Personally, I prefer the spicy chicken sandwich. It’s not too spicy, if you think ketchup is spicy, just get the regular.

I don’t know about Deidrie Henry, but I approve of this sandwich.

Deidrie Henry, may be former spokesperson for popeyes, has a picture of herself in her hand.