Fall Senior Night in Cardinal Country


Josalyn Junkin, Author

Spring Mills senior night had a total of seven different groups, including football, cheer, athletic trainers, band, golf, cross country, and the announcer. Seniors were announced at the beginning of the football game last Friday.  

All seniors walked across the field with their escorts and met Principal Kamlowsky in the middle of the field. Seniors received a flower and took a picture with Kamlowsky and walked off with to stand with their groups. 

Golf and cross country joined the rest of the seniors and were recognized on the field. 

”I really liked being recognized at the football game because I don’t get a senior night at any golf matches, said senior golfer Jared Keith. 

There were four senior athletic trainers: Josalyn Junkin, Erika Bailey, Whitney Weyforth, and Caliyah Thomas. This is Weyforth’s first year of athletic training. 

Senior Josalyn Junkin poses with mom, dad, and principal Kamlowsky during senior night.

“I wish I had started earlier; I love being around those girls and I’ve learned so much from Brittany. Speedy Willow always makes me laugh, Weyforth said. 

There were a total of seven football seniors. Seniors weren’t upset about it being their last game because this week they will head into playoffs. 

Seniors Aiden Smoot transferred here with his twin Keenan. They both play football here at SMHS.  

Seniors Aiden and Keenan pose with coaches and principal Kamlowsky after walking out to be recognized.

“It’s a lot of fun and I’m glad I got the opportunity to play with these guys, said Smoot.